“Lucy was an amazing source of information before during, and after birth. I delivered early and had only had the opportunity to have one prenatal visit with Lucy and still, she never missed a beat. I had a rapid birth (6 hours start to finish) and Lucy remained calm, encouraging, and respectful throughout the labor.  She worked respectfully with my fiance Adam to aid in the labor relaxation techniques and advocate for my wants in a hospital setting where natural births can sometimes be difficult. Lucy was a great source of comfort for me during labor, massaging me, placing cold towels on my neck, and speaking words of encouragement.  She made a natural birth, that was very intense, doable and beautiful.  She was a gift to work with and we are honored to have had the opportunity to have had her support as a doula. She made such an impact on our birth that our daughter’s middle name is in her honor! Lucy has all the qualities of nurturing support and knowledge that you could ask for in a doula.”          – M & A

“Lucy was an absolutely integral part of my birth.  She helped me to have a natural and drug-free experience.  Her strength, both physical (she was able to hold my entire weight as I leaned on her during contractions) and emotional were key to me.  Additionally she was able to alleviate pain during contractions with a hip squeeze technique.  Lastly, before I could push we needed to rotate the baby’s head – it was Lucy that got me out of bed doing lunges and hip movements to shift my boy! I believe it is very possible that she prevented me from having a c-section.  Thank you Lucy!” – J&J


“We’re so fortunate to have had Lucy guide us through these childbirth prep classes. From the beginning she made us feel comfortable and created a safe and warm environment to learn and grown in this journey. She was a wonderful source of knowledge and even with all of the unknowns of how our birth will unfold, she really helped us gain confidence as our due date is nearing in just a few short weeks.” K&B

“We took a childbirth class with Lucy that was aimed towards people choosing out-of-hospital births. Lucy was quite personable and knowledgeable. The class covered a lot of material and Lucy was very open to questions and discussing contingencies that may arise. She was also very good at creating community; the class was seven other couples and by the end of the course, I felt that we all knew each other and were excited for each other’s births.  My partner and I felt very prepared for our birth experience, and even when it didn’t go quite as planned, seeing that we had talked out our expectations, boundaries and wants during the class, we still felt in control and empowered during our (4 day!) labor and birth. Lucy genuinely cares about all of her clients and that comes through when you work with her.” E&F

“Lucy is excellent at explaining the facts and what to expect as far as technical details (ex. Drugs available, even had real-life tools we could examine, like the vacuum attachment). Lucy is a realist who is very grounded and balanced, while still respecting the emotions, ideals and sacred nature of birth. I found this very comforting. Parts of my birth experience were ultimately very different than my hopes, but I felt I had the tools to cope with the challenges and could thus still cherish the smaller parts of the experience that were actually empowered and tender, rather than getting overwhelmed by the details in the moment. She gets my strongest recommendation!” E&S

“Me and my wife took Lucy’s birth class this past August. We could not have been happier with the class, the knowledge we gained and the connections we made with other couples. Lucy covered everything from the changes the body goes through during pregnancy to the different stages during birth to practicing different positions to the hospital vs home birth logistics. Lucy is amazing! She created an environment that we felt comfortable in to really be ourselves and open up on our feelings surrounding pregnancy and birth (both birthing mama and partners). At the end of the class she asked everyone how they felt about the birth. I remember, both me and my wife said “We’re going to rock it.” I don’t think we would have felt that way not taking Lucy’s class. We felt united and excited to go through the experience together. As the birthing mama, I felt she gave me the education I needed to feel confident and at peace. The class consisted of 5 other couples, 4 of which we remain close with. One of the main reasons we took the class was to feel a sense of community during the pregnancy. We left with life long connections and our son now has four friends he’ll grow up with all born only weeks apart. Taking this class was one of the best decisions we made during the pregnancy!” C&Z

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